• Abstracts should represent the original work.
  • Informative abstracts and critical abstracts are accepted.
  • The Abstract should be written in English.
  • Documents received after the given deadline, due to any reason will not be accepted unless the deadline is extended.
  • All abstracts must be submitted no later than August 31 September 9, 2023.
  • The abstract should be submitted exclusively via the web form.


  • An abstract is a compendious summary of a research paper’s substance including its Background, objectives, methods, results and conclusion.
  • It should be one paragraph with a word limit of 250.
  • Keywords are obligatory (no more than six words).
  • Keywords should be written in lowercase letters (Not applicable to names/scientific names) and should be separated with commas.
  • Please do not include subheadings, bullets, lists and header/footer in the abstract.
  • Abstract titles should be short, but descriptive. Informative titles, indicating key points are encouraged.
  • There shall be no citations or references in the abstract specifically. If there is a need to cite references, please provide the sources in brackets.


  • Affiliations should be indicated with normal Arabic numbers appearing at the end of surname/family name.
  • Names of affiliations should be given including the country.
  • If there is more than one name and address, they should be related by superscript numbers.

Full name 1, Full name 1*  and Full name 2
1 Department, Faculty, University, Country
2 Department, Institute, Country
* Email address of the corresponding author

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